Conference for middle school girls is Saturday

The Elkins Branch of AAUW announces the Expanding Your Horizons Conference for middle school girls from 9 a.m.-3:15 p.m. on Saturday at West Virginia State University in Dunbar.

The program consists of a one-day conference for middle school girls who will participate in small-group workshops designed to introduce them to the work of professional women with careers in engineering, science and math.

Middle school girls and their parents may register on-line at and click on Find a Conference. The Elkins Branch of AAUW president, Dr. Maryann Durland, has said that the $5 registration fee will paid by the Elkins Branch of AAUW for those Randolph County middle school girls who register and attend. The conference is organized by American Women in Science-WV.

Girls attending will participate in fun and challenging hands-on activities in the STEM areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. The workshops will be led by women mathematicians, scientists and


There are also workshops for parents on college admissions and science opportunities at NASA

Workshops include:

“Become a Legal Drug Dealer” – Discussion of careers in pharmacy combined with hands-on pharmacy-related experience

“Build You Own High Performance Glider” – Students will work under supervision in pairs to construct all the individual components that make up a glider aircraft. Students will fine-tune their work by hand-finishing each part before assembling all the pieces to make a working glider with a two-foot wingspan. Students will learn both from instruction and from hands-on experience about the form and function of the wing, fuselage, and tail surfaces of an aircraft. During the session, students are encouraged to test their own work, hand-launching their gliders to make sure that they have arranged all the parts for optimum stable flight. Every student will complete the session with his/her own glider to take home.

“Crash Course in Coding” – Solve puzzles on the computer by programming the characters to move. Learn the basic building blocks of coding.

“Explore Mars! Curiosity Rover is exploring Mars and you can too!” – Come control a rover, use its instruments (robotic arm and infrared camera), study the topography of Mars and learn how you can analyze real Mars data for NASA as a citizen scientist!

“In the Nanozone: The science of the really small” – Hands-on activities that investigate how the atomic nature of matter influences everyday life. Students will learn Nanotechnology of everyday life

“Soaring Science” – This workshop will teach about aerospace engineering and Newton’s laws of motion while participants create their own stomp rockets from paper and pop bottles.

“Storms in Space” – Learn about the sun and how it creates storms in space. Create a space weather forecast and learn how these space storms impact our lives on Earth.

“The Physics of Holograms, Color, and Night Vision” – Explore the physics of holograms, emission spectra, and infrared cameras.

“Using DNA to Trace Human Migration” – All living humans originated from populations of ancestors who migrated out of Africa less than 100,000 years ago. Learn how scientists have used genetic markers to trace the migration routes and origins of modern human populations.

“Expanding Your Horizons in Science and Mathematics’ – EYH conferences are part of a nationally recognized program designed to expose young women to exciting careers in science and math. The Math/Science Network began holding these conferences in 1976, and to date, they are held annually in over 120 locations