Davis & Elkins presents banners to partner schools

ELKINS – Red and white banners hang in four Elkins schools letting every passerby know of a special education partnership with Davis & Elkins College, Randolph County Schools and the Kump Education Center.

Designation as a Professional Development School means teachers are educating not only their students, but also mentoring young adults who are just beginning their careers in the field.

Davis & Elkins College students majoring in education each spend a total of 600 hours in area public school classrooms before they graduate and are certified to teach. The Professional Development Schools partnership allows the college to work with cooperating teachers, student teachers and classroom observers to ensure direct engagement of college students in lesson planning and classroom management.

D&E recently presented the large, vinyl banners to Professional Development School partners Elkins High School, Elkins Middle School, Midland Elementary School and Third Ward Elementary School.

“The Professional Development Schools framework allows us to move forward together to be the best educators we can be, and to share this knowledge and love of learning with our future teachers,” said Sue Talbott, Davis & Elkins College adjunct professor of education and Professional Development Schools coordinator. “It is so rewarding to listen to our students discuss the dynamics of an effective learning environment or the best practices they have observed while in a classroom. This field experience is vital to the growth of our teacher candidates.”

The Professional Development Schools partnership was established to prepare the new teachers and their support faculties to create a positive environment for observation, assisting, tutoring and teaching. Kump Education Center facilitated the establishment of the collaborative at the suggestion of former Superintendent of Randolph County Schools Dr. James Phares.

For more information, please visit the D&E website at www.dewv.edu or call 304-637-1243.