Diabetes workshop begins Monday

The Belington Wellness Center and Change the Future West Virginia are presenting a fun, easy six-week workshop on diabetes self-management starting at 11 a.m. Monday.

The sessions will be at the Belington Wellness Center, 70 N. Sturmer St. in Belington, and will offer ways to feel better and deal with the frustrations and discomforts of living with diabetes or any chronic illness.

Sessions are slated to run once a week from Monday through May 21. Items for discussion include healthy eating, nutrition labels, testing blood sugars, foot care and action plans. Learning points include a discussion on diabetes, how to manage testing and medication, how to begin an exercise program, skills to prevent and manage complications, talking with your physician about diabetes, preventing low blood sugar, how to eat well and how to maintain control of your health.

The sessions are free. For more information or reservations, contact Marlana Pennington at 304-823-1800.