Local gymnasts compete at state meet

Tumble Time gymnasts recently wrapped up their season at the West Virginia State Gymnastics Meet in Parkersburg. Level three, four, five and six gymnasts qualified for the meet.

Hazel Jackson, Keira Fischer and Ruby Jackson represented the level threes for Tumble Time. Hazel Jackson and Fischer competed in the 7-year-old age division.

Hazel Jackson had an excellent bar routine with a score of 8.85 giving her fourth place. Fischer had her best vault of the year with a score of 8.85. Ruby Jackson competed in the 9-year-old age group. She had an excellent vault and floor routine, scoring a 9.05 and 9.0 respectively.

Tumble Time had seven gymnasts competing as level fours. Katie and Addie Hicks competed in the 7-year-old group. Katie Hicks was state champion on bars with a score of 8.7. She also was awarded a bronze medal for her floor routine. Addie Hicks earned a silver medal for her beam routine and a bronze medal for her vault. Zayah Hedrick was in the 9-year-old group. She finished with an 8.4 on floor. Kristen Hicks and Makenzie White competed as 10-year-olds. Kristen Hicks scored an 8.0 on floor. Makenzie White earned an 8.55 on bars and vaulted an 8.45. Kassie Miller and Haleigh White competed in the 12-year-old division. Miller had her best floor routine of the year scoring an 8.6. Haleigh White powered her vault to a score of 8.96.

Larissa Wegman was the lone level five competing for Tumble Time. She earned state champion for her 8.65 on bars. She also had her best vault of the year scoring an 8.4. She finished fourth in the all-around.

Lexi Reger, Macy Nestor, Kaci Zopp and Ani Reger represented the level sixes at the meet. Lexi Reger, 10-year-old division, finished sixth on bars with an 8.25. Nestor, 11-year-old division, had one of her best vaults of the year scoring an 8.775. Zopp and Ani Reger were in the 12-year-old group. Zopp earned a silver medal for her 9.1 vault and had an excellent floor routine scoring a 9.3. Ani Reger also had an excellent floor routine scoring an 8.85.