Motown Strutters in line-up for Philippi Art Stroll

The Motown Strutters, a senior ladies’ tap troupe will join the Philippi Art Stroll April 29.

The Strutters will strut their stuff on the Court House Square during the 5-8 p.m. stroll which takes place throughout downtown Philippi.

Featuring 12 lovely, lively young seniors who all hail from the Morgantown area, the Strutters range in age from their mid 50’s to mid 80’s. They perform to tunes from such sources as Broadway, big bands, disco, Motown, soft shoe and


The tap troupe has performed throughout North Central West Virginia and neighboring Pennsylvania.

Officials said the Motown Strutters will be the first dancers to perform in the Art Stroll, and are certain audiences will love their lively


For more information about the Art Stroll, contact Tammy Stemple at 304-457-3700 or Karen Larry at 304-457-3773.