Barbour County Senior Center seeks help

The Barbour County Senior Center’s nutrition program had a loss of $51,565 for fiscal year 2012-13, and officials are asking the community to help fill the void.

Rising food costs and fuel costs played a big role in the increased costs for the nutrition program. Food service companies add a fuel surcharge to food invoices. The Senior Center has four hot-cold meal trucks that deliver about 150 meals a day throughout the county.

The average donation for a meal during the last fiscal year was 82 cents. The average cost of a meal was $6.25. Federal and state funds help to cover some costs, but the nutrition program still needed an additional $51,565 last year.

If every congregate and home delivered meal participant would donate for his or her meal at the suggested contribution scale, there would be enough funds to cover the costs of the nutrition program.

Suggested monthly contributions are based on income. For those making $0-$400 a month, the suggested contribution is $2; $401 to $500, $2.25; $501-$600, $2.75; $601 and above, $3.25.

Several methods are being reviewed to reduce costs for the nutrition program. Please help to maintain the stability of this vital program by contributing at least the minimum suggested donation for your income.

If you would like to donate funds to the Barbour County Senior Center’s Nutrition Program, you can send your contribution to the Barbour County Senior Center, P.O. Box 146, Philippi WV 26416.

Any person 60 years or older is welcome to participate in programs and services sponsored by the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services regardless of race, creed, sex, handicap, geographic residence or national origin. The Barbour County Senior Center is funded through the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services, the Upper Potomac Area Agency on Aging, the Joseph N. or Viola C. Forman Memorial Trust, the City of Philippi, and private donations from local businesses and friends.