Church completes roadside litter cleanup program

Central Chapel United Methodist Church, a volunteer in the Adopt-A-Highway program, completed a litter cleanup of Route 92 from Meadowville to Baughman road on April 25.

The volunteers worked two hours to pick up 31 bags of litter on the 3.26 miles of adopted road. Volunteers who participated in this cleanup were: Tom and Brenda Bennett, Rev. John Flynn, Sheriff Phil Ferguson, Danny, Tonda and Aaron Sullivan, David Saffle and Donna Erickson.

Central Chapel United Methodist Church has been a member of the Adopt-a-Highway program since July 2009 and has removed a cumulative total of 334 bags of litter from the adopted area. The program is a joint effort of the Division of Highways and the Department of Environmental Protection, who estimate that the average bag of litter weighs 35 pounds. Since the program began in 1988 volunteers have removed millions of pounds of litter from West Virginia highways.

Several tires and tire pieces, glass bottles, cardboard boxes and other large items have also been removed.

To volunteer for adopt-a-highway or to obtain additional information about the program, call toll free 800 322 5530.