Clayton Moore announces candidacy for House of Delegates

Candidate Clayton Moore submitted the following candidate statement:

“My name is Clayton D. Moore, Republican candidate for House of Delegates in the 47th District. I am the son of Lonnie L. Moore Sr. and Linda Moore of Belington. I have three siblings, Josh Moore of Elkins, Lee Moore and wife Lisa of Washington, and Taylor Moore of Belington.

“A 1998 graduate of Philip Barbour High School, I was awarded the Academic Achievement Award in Musicianship and Academics. I am a member of the National Rifle Association, Fairmont State University Marching Band Alumni, West Virginia Re-enactors Association, and am currently pursuing my degrees in Museums and History from FSU.

“I have worked in the retail business for 18 years and currently am employed by NAPA in Buckhannon. On April 22, I was endorsed by the West Virginians for Life PAC, for my stance on abortion. On April 5, I was admitted to Fairmont General Hospital and was not released until April 8. Due to this circumstance I was unable to attend the April 7 Candidate forum at Philip Barbour High School. This year’s House of Delegate race is highly contested with several candidates that could do this job, including myself, so I want to take a minute and speak on the things I want to do if you elect me to this position.

“I am a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, Friend of Coal candidate that will stand up and fight for the citizens of the 47th District. Many candidates are fighting for clean air and clean water, but when you try to pass legislation to do that, you are putting other citizens’ employment at risk.

“Let me explain what I mean. If you pass legislation to enact clean air, then you are also telling the coal mines they also should shut down due to polluting the air. With clean water, you are telling farmers that they can’t cross a creek on their own property because of contaminating the water source. With this said, I will fight to make sure that these bills will not pass through and will vote no on any bill that jeopardizes any citizens job.

“The other things I would like to talk about are the many questions I have been asked about the education system and how I feel about it, so I’ll explain how I feel. To me the education system needs totally overhauled from Charleston all the way to our Districts. So here is what I would do.

“No. 1: I would make it mandatory for every teacher to be background-checked and drug-tested before they are employed as a teacher, and if it is in place then it needs to be made sure It is being abided by. If I have to be drug-tested and background-checked to sell you a car part, then our teachers should have the same thing done for the safety of our children.

“No. 2: I would push a bill that would make it mandatory for all schools to have security cameras installed in every classroom and hallway to slow down the increase of bullying. If a student has a complaint of a bullying situation, then you could go to the video in which it took place and see what went on. If a student is accused and found guilty of the bullying, they shall be expelled for one week of school and go through counseling with a therapist. Second offense of bullying, the student shall be expelled for the school year and the parents fined $500 for the infraction. I feel the bullying situations start at home with inappropriate parenting. If the teacher is found guilty of bullying a student, then they shall be expelled for two weeks without pay. If the situation arises a second time, the teacher should be terminated from their


“I was asked what I would do to gain employment into our county. Well, the first thing I said to this citizen is that we need to give new small business a five-year tax break so that they can compete with corporate companies. In the first three years a small business owner will know if they are capable of keeping their doors open, and if so the next two years will be money they can use to hire new employees.

“Do I agree that corridor H needs to be completed for bigger business? Yes. Do I agree that our district needs bigger and better paying jobs? Of course. But the reality is Corridor H will not be completed for another 10 to 20 years. So we must strive to get as many small businesses as we can into our District. This is about the here and now, not 20 years from now.

“To the citizens of Tucker County, and the Parsons end of my District, I am fully aware of the Insurance situation and cost for those of you living in the flood plain. I will work hard with Insurance agents to ensure you that we can get rates that you can afford. Most of the residents I know of in that area are on a fixed income, and are trying to pay those high premiums plus other bills and it makes it almost impossible for you.

“As a member of the West Virginia Re-enactor Association, and studying history at Fairmont State University, I am also aware of the possibility of the Federal Government wanting to discontinue funding of the Corricks Ford Battlefield. I want you to know that if elected, I will work tirelessly with grant writers so that your history and ancestory will live on. If you are looking for a candidate that will stand up and fight for our coal miners, I am that candidate, as I had the opportunity to stand up to the United Mine Workers Association and asked “how can you as a UMWA member, vote for a CEO who voted for a president that wants to cut your job?” I am still waiting for a truthful answer from the UMWA. I will fight to keep our miners working, just like so many of our ancestors have done.

“If you want a candidate that will give you an answer I will answer with all honesty, whether it hurts my reputation or not! I believe that it is time for our younger generation to be involved and have a say, or in 10 to 20 years when our elders are gone, we will have nothing to fall back on. I understand fully that if elected, I work for you the citizen, and you the citizen are the voice that needs to be spoken of in Charleston.

“If you would like to contact me before the election on May 13, my phone number is 304-534-2335, and my email is We must fix what is broken first, and use common sense solutions to our common everyday problems. Lets reinstate the Old Town Hall meetings where your voice will be heard and taken back to Charleston.”