Elkins part of Thank You Movement

On Sept. 11, businesses across the United States will participate in Freedom Day USA, a National Thank You Movement for members of the military and their immediate families, along with


To show appreciation, each business is providing a thank-you gift, in the form of free services, goods, discounts and various other offers. The Freedom Day USA committee’s goal is to have the event every year, and they would love for it to become a national holiday.

“Our men and women of the armed forces make great personal sacrifices in order to secure and protect our freedoms,” said Dr. Robert Martino, founder of the Freedom Day USA event. “Their families at home also endure many hardships along with the constant concern for the safety of their loved one. When is the last time we really said thank you? Freedom Day USA is a great way to show how grateful we are for the sacrifices they are making for our freedom.”

Freedom Day USA’s birth was in the field of dentistry but has grown to include many other service and retail industries. Each state has a director, with some larger states having multiple directors. The state directors organizes city coordinators and they, in turn, recruit business participants. The Elkins city coordinator is Dr. Edward Linger.

“I am very proud of being named the Elkins Freedom Day city coordinator,” said Linger. “We have always supported our troops but this gives us a great way to let them know how much we appreciate them. They sacrifice so much to protect us, so giving up one day to say thanks seems minor in comparison.”

To learn more, contact Linger at 304-636-2009 or visit www.FreedomDayUSA.org.