Festival’s Lord and Lady crowned

BUCKHANNON – The Lord and Lady of the West Virginia Strawberry Festival were crowned Friday.

Laco Harrison and Edith Hosafook, both of Buckhannon, received their crowns at the Upshur County Senior Center.

“Great, I feel happy,” Harrison said, adding that he is a frequent visitor of the Senior Center, where he likes to play cards, pool and checkers.

Hosafook, an Upshur County native, said she comes from a large family and has many grandchildren who she believes may be more excited than she is about her being crowned.

“My family thinks this is great,” Hosafook said, adding that she likes to go to the local Senior Center to play checkers and dominoes.

Friday’s festivities continued with the berry auction, the fireman’s parade and the WVSF Sweetest Berry Competition. A 9-year-old from Belington, Marshall Nestor, won for the berries he grew and entered into the competition. The sweetest berry was chosen by a panel of a dozen12-year-olds.

The panelists were Emma Reger, Sarah Rager, Greyson Shepherd, Abby Weaver, Brandon Wamsley, Travis Small, Payton Knicely, Jared Propst, Breann Morgan, Allison Tenney, Brody McCartney and Matt Carson. Each panelist tasted about three different berries each and selected the one they believed to be the sweetest.

Berries from many local growers were auctioned off and many of them were grown by Marshall Nestor and his family. Auctioneer Charlie Helmick had help from festival royalty in selling the quarts of berries. The Festival’s Royalty walked the berries through the crowd to entice potential buyers.

“I love Buckhannon and I love the Strawberry Festival,” 2014 Queen Nichole Greene said. “I fell in love with it last year. I’m so happy to be here.”