Huttonsville Correctional Center receives re-accreditation

Huttonsville Correctional Center has achieved American Correctional Association Re-Accreditation, the highest standards in the field.

ACA was founded in 1870 and is the oldest association developed specifically for the correctional profession.

The mission of the ACA is to provide a professional organization for all individuals who share the common goal of improving the justice system.

The vision of the American Correctional Association is to shape the future of corrections and to promote the concepts of humanity, justice, protection, opportunity, knowledge, competence and accountability as being essential to the foundation of sound corrections policy and effective public protection.

Accreditation is achieved through a series of reviews, evaluations, audits and hearings. Huttonsville Correctional Center went through the ACA Audit March 31 April 2.

There were three ACA auditors who toured the facility and reviewed documentation in 529 files. The ACA Auditors scored HCC 100 percent in compliance with the mandatory ACA standards and 99.8 percent in compliance with the non-mandatory


“The staff at Huttonsville Correctional Center came together and worked diligently to accomplish the goal of ACA Re-Accreditation and without their hard work and dedication; this would not have been accomplished,” an official said.