Memorial Day Essays

Editor’s Note: Following are essays written by local students about what Memorial Day represents to them. They are presented in an unedited formate to preserve the original meaning.

Memorial Day

By Devon Channell

Hi I am Devon from Beverly Elementary School. I am doing a report on Memorial Day, and I hope you enjoy it. I had to interview someone, and they gave me the answers to these questions. Do you know when Memorial Day first started? What was it first called? What does Memorial Day stand out for? We will figure the answers in the following paragraphs below. Are you ready? Come on, let us go!

Do you know when Memorial began? Memorial Day started on May 5, 1868 by Major General John A. Logan. Can you believe that, that was 146 years ago! That was a long time ago. Well, in the following paragraph we will be learning Memorial was called at first. Away we go!

Here we learn what Memorial Day was first called. Do you know? Well, Memorial Day was actually first called Decoration Day. Do you know why it was called Decoration Day? Memorial Day was actually first called Decoration Day because it is a day to celebrate and decorate the veterans gaves that served and died in the battle! Ready for the next paragraph! Here we go!

Here we learn what Memorial Day means. Do you know what it means? Memorial Day is to honor the people that served in the battle. It is also for all of the people throughout the USA that died for our freedom, and also for our country. Can you believe that those people gave their lives just for us to have “freedom and peace”.

Basically, all I’m trying to say is that Memorial Day is the day that we honor the dead for dying for our country. Some other interesting facts that I wanted to share with you are that Major General John A. Logan was born in 1826 in Murphysboro, Illinois. Another cool thing is that the town began as a gift of 20 acres from his parents Dr. John and Elizabeth Logan in 1843.

Memorial Day

By Ashley Wolford

Hello, my name is Ashley! I am in the fourth grade, in Ms. Higgins class, at Beverly Elementary School. My class and I have been working on Memorial Day reports. We have been typing and getting information from the internet for all our Memorial Day reports. We had to interview a veteran at home. If we did not know a veteran, then we could go to a nursing home. I interviewed my great grandpa; his name is Godden who was a veteran. I have three questions I want to ask you. One of my questions is when was the first Memorial Day? Other one of my questions is does Memorial Day mean anything? Last but not least what is Memorial Day like? I hope you have fun during our adventure figuring out new things. Are you ready to start are adventure? I hope you are sitting down because this party about Memorial is about to get fun! Ok, come with me, and we can get started. Let’s go!

Ok! We are at our first stop, at last! When was the first Memorial Day back in the old days? The first Memorial Day was on May 5th, 1868, which was called Decoration Day. Memorial Day is for men who were in the military and died for our country, but Armistice Day became Veterans Day that is for men and women who were alive and died. As a southerner this is the day we honor those who served our nation in battle, both dead and alive. Ok! Now we are moving on to the next stop that I will have for you.

We are at our second stop finally! Does Memorial Day mean anything still? Yes, Memorial Day still is special to everyone. Memorial is for people who have served in the United States of America’s military. John A. Logan was the man who started Memorial Day. John A. Logan was born in 1826 in what is Murphysboro. This year Memorial Day is on May 26, of 2014. That is the day everyone in the United States will celebrate for Memorial Day. Now come with me to the last question I have for you.

Oh hi! What is Memorial Day like to people? To people Memorial Day is a day people celebrate for that ones who served in the military. People also go too visited love ones they know. Since May 5th, 1868, people have celebrated for Memorial Day for many years ago. American all cross the country are celebrating Memorial Day with barbecues, trips, personal reflection, shopping and remembering the men who fought for our country and died. That is all I got for you now, I will talk with you for a few more minutes then, we will go. Now, come on.

I learned a lot of facts about Memorial Day today. Did you? One thing I did not know was that Memorial Day was first on May 5th, of 1868. People sometimes get Memorial Day and Veterans Day mixed up because they both are alike. Veterans Day is people who have been in the military both dead and alive. Memorial Day is for people who have been in the military and died. To me, Memorial Day is about the men that gave their lives to help the freedom we have! That is everything I have to say to you about Memorial Day. Thank you very much for serving our country in the United States, and have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Day: The Cold Hard Truth

By Anna Crumm

Memorial Day is a very special day for the United States of America. If you do not know very much about the people that have served and died for our country’s military, you might be wondering these questions. How does the government honor the people who have died in service? How can you honor the people that you know that died in service? I will give you the answers to these questions, if you read on.

Our United States government honors the people that have died in service by having a parades and selling red poppies. The government also puts red poppies on the graves of the people who have died in service. People sell red poppies because the money they get from it they donate to organization that help the family’s that have people that have severed and died during that time. The parades are simply to honor the people that have given their lives to serve our country. Nowadays the have a concert in D.C. at the Washington Monument. The President also does a big speech. These are just a few ways the United States Government honor the people who have gave their lives to our country.

You can honor the people that you know that died in service by wearing a red poppy. you can also go to a Memorial Day parade to show you care about the people that have died protecting you and our country. You could also go to a grave yard, and on the military graves you can put flowers on them. If you really want to show that you can, you can go to Flanders Field and put flowers there also. Do you know why we wear red poppies on Memorial Day? It is because of John McCrea and his young friend Alexis Helmer that died in battle. John was working as a doctor in the military. Where John was stationed he could see were his friend’s grave was. One day he did not have any injured soldiers, so he wrote a poem about Flanders Field, and there were red poppies in the poem. This poem soon became famous and that is how red poppies came to be. You do not have to write a poem, sell red poppies, or have a parade; all you need to do to show your respect is to know that you do respect the people that have served our country and died while doing that.

I hope you learned something from this article because this was really important to me. This was not only important to me, but it also special. I think that Memorial Day is a time to remember them how they were and them not suffering. I hope you have a great Memorial Day and remember to think about why we really celebrate Memorial Day.

Memorial Day: To Honor the Ones Who Died Serving our Country

By Madalyn Hickman

Hello, I am in the fourth grade at Beverly Elementary School. My calls and I are doing a report on Memorial Day. Everyone in our class had to interview a veteran. An interview is a report or reproduction of information or facts so obtained. Have you ever interviewed someone who served in war? If not, this report might be very fascinating to you. Memorial Day is a very interesting holiday that we celebrate every year. Here are some questions that I found the answers to when I interviewed a soldier who served for our wonderful country. What is some information about World War I and World War II? When, where, and who started Memorial Day? If you want to learn the answers to these questions, I think you will want to read the next paragraphs in this story.

Here are some facts about the wars of World War I and World War II; In the end of June 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed by a Serbeian nationalist in Sarajevo, Bosnia. An increase of threats and mobilization orders followed the event, leading by mid-August to the burst of World War I, which fought Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire (the so-called Central Powers) against Great Britian, France, Russia, Italy, and Japan. (The Allied Powers) The Allies were joined after 1917 by the United States. Some more facts are: World War II stared on September 1939 and it ended on the eighth of May in 1945. If you do the math, then the war lasted for six years! Wow, that was a long war! World War I officially began on June 28th, 1914, and it was finished by November 11, 1918. That makes four years of World War I alone. I think that these wars are very exciting to learn about. Do you?

Memorial Day was finally an official holiday by May 5th, 1868. It was declared “Memorial Day” instead of “Decoration Day” by President Lyndon Johnson. Also, Mr. Johnson signed the contract to change “Decoration Day” to “Memorial Day” in the city of Waterloo, and the State of New York. These fun facts make me want to visit these places – like Waterloo!

Some people get confused with Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Memorial Day is to honor the soldiers who died in war, and Veterans Day is to remember all of the armed forces that have passed away or are still living. Now, if you ever get tangled, I wish that you will remember my report, and know the difference. I had fun writing his and absorbed numerous fun facts. I desire that you did, too.