Randolph Technical Center honors students

Randolph Technical Center held a “Student of the Semester” dinner April 24 in the conference room at the Tech Center that select students and parents were invited to attend.

The dinner recognizes and honors outstanding students from each career concentration. Students received a plaque from the Tech Center and a “goodie” bag from the U.S. Army.

“It is a pleasure for me to help coordinate this event with other teachers,” Billie Bonnett said. “I have the joy and being about to contact parents that they son or daughter has been selected.”

“Randolph Technical Center has excellent students and it is with great joy that we are able to reorganize a small percentage of them at this event,” said Don Johnson, principal.

Students honored include Laurin Vas, daughter of Jennifer Ridgeway, nominated by Billie Bonnett; Sydney Kesling, daughter of David and Marilyn Kesling, nominated by Sallie Hamrick; Dylan Nethken, son of Benjamin and Laura Nethken, nominated by Carman Pennington; Makenzie Cooper, daughter of Terry and Roxanna Cooper, nominated by John Daniels; Preston Marsh, son of Gary and Lois Marsh, nominated by Woodie Sites; Meagan Burgess, daughter of Peggy Burgess and Dwight Burgess, nominated by Ronnie Cutright; and Matthew Smyers, son of Walter Smyers, nominated by Steve Purdum; Kyatt Bailey, daughter of Jason Bailey and Chrystal Schaefer, nominated by Levi Fletcher; Zachary Judy, son of Kelly Judy and Christopher Judy, nominated by Jeff Broschart; Ryan Mullennex, son of Jeff and Tina Mullennex, nominated by Denise Stalnaker; Ryan Rider, son of Jeff and Cindy Rider, nominated by Albert Chewning; Casey Collins, son of Kenny Collins, nominated by Ashley Isner; and Eli Prehoda, son or Ellen Prehoda, nominated by Chad Smith.