Upshur CEOS attend area meeting

Members from several CEOS Clubs attended the Weston area meeting on April 26 at the Gilmer County Senior Citizen Center.

The theme “hot out of the oven,” was chosen by the host county. State West Virginia CEOS Vice-President Jean Wilburn, State CEOS Secretary Patty Adams, West Virginia University Extension and state CEOS advisor Pat Gruber, state board member Cynthia Wotasek and guest speaker Brenda Thompson, advisory committee to the executive board, were all guests at the meeting.

Guest speaker Daniel Reed gave members a brief history about Gilmer County. He also served as the auctioneer, auctioning a quilt that was donated to the CEOS by Olive Kerns of Monongailia County. This quilt was one of six that she made and donated.

The proceeds benefit the NVON “Clean Water Project.” The entertainment was provided by the Glenville State College Bluegrass Band. Upshur County Member Donna Bennett was nominated and elected as the Weston Area Representative for the years 2015-2017. She is currently serving as the assistant area representative to Helen McClain from Lewis County. This is the first time that Upshur County has had a member on the state board. The Weston Area Meeting will take place in Lewis County next year.

This year marks the 100th year for the CEOS organization formerly known as Farm Women’s and Extension Home Makers.