Wagner seeks House of Delegates seat

Danny Wagner is a Republican candidate for the 47th district seat of the House of Delegates, which serves all of Barbour County and the western portion of Tucker County.

Wagner, a lifelong resident of Barbour County, has been a teacher and a coach in Barbour County for 32 years. He is the father of two sons, Cody and Sam, and he resides at Keyes Avenue in Philippi.

Wagner, son of Russell and Mary Lou Wagner of the Mount Liberty community, graduated from Philip Barbour High School in 1976. He received an Associate of Arts degree from Ohio Valley University where he played basketball and then transferred to Harding University in Searcy, Ark. for his BA in social sciences. He achieved his Master’s Degree in speech communication from West Virginia University. Wagner has been an active member of the Barbour Church of Christ, and he helped organize the Mountaineer Christian Youth Camp for 15 years.

Wagner envisions a return to the democratic principles that this country was founded on which would include open and honest debate, decisive leadership, and a government that works for the people.

Wagner believes that we must return to those traditional values of our previous generations that have made this state and country great. Wagner pledges to protect veterans’ rights and services that are due them for serving their country, and he strongly supports the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that gives every citizen the right to bear arms.

Two of the vital issues that Wagner wants to work toward improving are education and economic development. Specifically, Wagner would like to ensure there are certified and qualified educators in every classroom, and he would work to find incentives to encourage our college graduates to stay and work in the state.

Wagner would like to see a stronger sense of community between our local university at AldersonBroaddus and the rest of the county as we work together to find ways to improve economic development locally.

When making the decision to run for this house seat, a deciding factor for Wagner was the alarming and overwhelming bureaucracy of the federal government that affects our citizens. He believes the federal government has imposed itself on our state in the newest regulations regarding the Environmental Protection Agency and the Affordable Care Act. Wagner would like to work to decrease federal government involvement so that we can continue to say that “mountaineers are always free.”