Cancer Care Center receives top national award

ELKINS – Davis Medical Center Cancer Care Center is one of 74 cancer care facilities in the nation to be granted the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Commission on Cancer (CoC) of the American College of Surgeons.

“This accomplishment is paramount to regional cancer care. It defines, on a national level, the outstanding quality of care we provide in comparison to other programs in the United States,” said Dr. Donald Fleming, medical oncologist and hematologist, and director of Oncology at the Cancer Care Center.

Earlier this year the Center achieved accreditation with commendation by the COC. It is one of only 13 in West Virginia to receive accreditation and one of two to achieve the recent Outstanding Achievement Award. The “gold star” rating for commendations is the highest rating designation achievable with the CoC review according to Fleming.

A press release issued by the American College of Surgeons states “the purpose of the award is to raise the bar on quality cancer care, with the ultimate goal of increasing awareness about quality care choices among cancer patients and their loved ones. In addition, the award is intended to:

  • Recognize those cancer programs that achieve excellence in providing quality care to cancer patients.
  • Motivate other cancer programs to work toward improving their level of care.
  • Facilitate dialogue between award recipients and health care professionals at other cancer facilities for the purpose of sharing best practices.
  • Encourage honorees to serve as quality-care resources to other cancer programs.”

“More and more, we’re finding that patients and their families want to know how the health care institutions in their communities compare with one another,” said Daniel P. McKellar, MD, FACS, Chair of the CoC. “They want access to information in terms of who’s providing the best quality of care, and they want to know about overall patient outcomes. Through this recognition program, I’d like to think we’re playing a small, but vital role, in helping them make informed decisions on their cancer care.”

“These 74 cancer programs currently represent the best of the best-so to speak-when it comes to cancer care,” added Dr. McKellar. “Each of these facilities is not just meeting nationally recognized standards for the delivery of quality cancer care, they are exceeding them.”

“The award confirms Davis Medical Center’s commitment to the community and to patients with cancer. We are grateful to the Cancer Center physicians and staff, as well as our Cancer Committee, for their hard work and ongoing efforts to ensure the best possible outcomes for cancer patients,” said Davis Health System President and CEO Mark Doak.

When the Center achieved its initial accreditation in 2010, it received the most commendations possible and the Outstanding Achievement Award. The award was only presented to 12 other newly accredited centers in the nation.

The DMC Cancer Care Center is located in Elkins on the campus of Davis Medical Center. In addition to its outstanding record of accreditation achievement, the Center’s specialized staff includes four certified oncology registered nurses, a certified medical dosimetrist, and a nurse navigator. The Center also provides no-cost lodging for patients who travel from outside the Elkins area at The Davis House.

Established in 2004, the CoC’s Outstanding Achievement Award is designed to recognize cancer programs that strive for excellence in providing quality care to cancer patients. Programs are evaluated on 34 cancer program standards categorized within one of five cancer program activity areas: cancer committee leadership, cancer data management, cancer conferences, clinical services and quality improvement. Programs are further evaluated on seven commendation standards. Award recipients must have received commendation ratings in all seven commendation standards, in addition to receiving a compliance rating for each of the 34 cancer program standards. For more information on program standards, visit: