CEOS Club hosts meeting

The Lorentz CEOS Club held their monthly meeting on May 21 at the 88 Restaurant with Anna Lee Talbott as hostess.

Poems were read by Sharon Strader, Faye Skidmore and Linda Coleman, and the closing prayer was by Talbott.

The flag salute was led by Coleman. There was no treasurer’s report, due to the absence of Delores Wilson. The roll was called by Carol Grose and each member answered with their favorite flower. Minutes of the April meeting were read and approved by a motion made by Strader with a second by Vera Bennett.

For Show How, “The Blue Ribbon Club History,” prepared by Grose, was on display, as was the 1982-1983 Lorentz Extension Homemakers members list. It was noted that only four of the club members are still living.

Coleman and Vickie Bowyer both have birthdays this month. Cards were signed by those present and the group sang “Happy Birthday.”

The lesson leader, Vera Bennett, presented the lesson “Laugh, a Latte.” Did you know that children laugh 400 times a day? The average adult laughs only 15 times a day. Laughter stimulates the immune system, relaxes tense muscles and lowers blood sugar in Type-2 diabetes


The benefits of laughter are numerous. So be happy and laugh a lot, club officials recommended. The Strawberry Basket Contest was discussed. Cristine Crites reported that Club Basket was sold for $135. The basket was made by June Daugherty and Crites.

Shirley Clevenger reported that she entered two items in the Recipe Contest. A report was given on the Advisory Board Meeting held on April 10.

The Service Project for next year will be The Parish House. The County Belle was Judy Haddix and The Strawberry Belle was Iris Perry.

The Weston Area Meeting was held April 26 in Gilmer County with Shirley Carol, Cristine and Russell Crites attending from the Lorentz club. The entertainment was by the Glenville College Bluegrass Band and everyone enjoyed them. Next year the Weston Area Meeting will be held in Lewis County.

The West Virginia Folk Festival will be held in Glenville on June 19-22.

Members present included Vera Bennett, Linda Coleman, Cristine Crites, June Daugherty, Carol Grose, Faye Skidmore, Anna Lee Talbott and Sharon Strader.

The next meeting will be held June 10 at the Lorentz Community Building with Shirley Clevenger as hostess and Mary Kriner as lesson leader.