Ceremony for new ERCC Rehab Unit is Friday

ELKINS – Community members are encouraged to attend the cornerstone-laying ceremony for the expanded Rehabilitation Unit at Elkins Rehabilitation & Care Center at 6 p.m. Friday.

The Grand Lodge AF & AM Masons of West Virginia will conduct the ceremony, hosted by Elkins Lodge #108.

Elkins Rehabilitation & Care Center is located at 1175 Beverly Pike, Elkins. Owen G. Gragg, grand master of Masons of West Virginia, will officiate.

The ceremony of cornerstone laying is tradition in Masonic history. Until the development of the steel-framed construction in the past century, most buildings were erected by stacking stone on stone. Each part of the building was marked by ceremony. The Foundation Stone was the first stone placed underground at the beginning of the building’s foundation. The Cornerstone was the first stone placed above ground, and the Cap Stone was placed at the top of the building.

Today there are few actual cornerstones being placed, although you can easily find them on buildings built as late as the 1950’s. However, the Masons continue to lay cornerstones in the traditional way as they will for this ceremony.