Artistry on Main artists receive grants

Four artists are happily looking towards a brighter future thanks to the West Virginia Culture and History Commission on the Arts.

The Artistry on Main gallery in Buckhannon is pleased to announce that four of its members have received financial grants to help them turn their skills into viable businesses.

Chef Bear Ullman of Chef Bear’s Bowls, who many also know as a professional chef of delicious delights, plans to use the funds to buy tools, which will enable him to turn larger pieces than he is currently able to. Ullman looks forward to the challenge of creating even more impressive masterpieces.

Amber Carmen of Amber’s Glass, a glassblower from Huttonsville, said the grant will enable her to grow her business at a faster pace. Carmen may be the only female professional glassblower in the state. Her grit and determination have kept her on a positive path for the past two years, as she has strived to bring her hot shop to its full potential. Her grant will be used for raw materials and other needed supplies.

Sarah Brown of Questionable Press does letterpress printing and wood engravings. Her work stands out as unique and beguiling. Practicing her art for the last three years, she hopes to build the business into a full-time job. Her bubbly personality is as wonderful as her work. She plans to use the grant to purchase a new Vandercock letterpress, and to restock her inks.

Christine Keller of Chrizart Creations creates beautiful, unique handmade jewelry. She works in Sterling silver, brass, copper and aluminum. Keller has been a full-time jewelry artist since 2012 and her work can be found in more than 65 galleries across the country. Color is a very conspicuous feature of her work, and she plans to use the grant for an enameling kiln and supplies, enabling her to add even more colorful elements to her work.

You can find all these artists’ work on sale at Artistry on Main in Buckhannon.