Campbell recognized with Animal Welfare Award

The Federation of Humane Organizations of West Virginia (FOHO WV), a state-wide organization representing local humane societies, rescue groups, animal welfare leagues and advocates for animals in West Virginia, is recognizing the past achievements of 20 state legislators as FOHO WV celebrates 20 years in West Virginia.

Among the legislators being recognized is Delegate Denise L. Campbell of Randolph County.

FOHO WV hosted its biennial conference on April 11-12 with former Randolph County state senator and current West Virginia Department of Agriculture Commissioner Walt Helmick as the keynote speaker. He talked about the new West Virginia Spay/Neuter Law, which established a fund at the Department of Agriculture to reduce pet overpopulation in West Virginia This was only possible with legislators like Campbell’s support for passage of this landmark bill by the 2013 West Virginia State Legislature.

FOHO WV is thrilled with the progress in West Virginia both in the changes in laws and the educational campaign in our communities. Officials want to acknowledge those that have been so helpful in achieving these goals. Read more about this at

The anniversary of FOHO WV’s work to improve animal welfare would be incomplete if officials didn’t recognize the legislators who have worked so diligently to pass this landmark legislation. Without their continued support issues such as the establishment of a West Virginia State Spay/Neuter Program, Commercial Breeder’s Law, and Gas Chamber Ban would not exist. The organization also recognized legislators who worked to make intentional cruelty and training animals to fight a felony. The work of these legislators resulted in West Virginia being recognized as the ‘most improved state’ by the Humane Society of the United States in 2013.