Phillips honored for 50 years of service

On June 8, an award for 50 years of dedicated service to missions and the community was presented to Louise Phillips by the United Methodist Women’s Circle during the church service at Beverly United Methodist Church.

Phillips has been a member of Beverly United Methodist Women’s Circle for 50 years. In the summer of 1963, she came to Beverly United Methodist Church to serve the community by her husband’s side. However, being a strong advocate for the poor and meek, she became the work area chairman of education and a lay member at the annual conference in 1979.

In order to support women in the church community, she presided as president of the Women’s Circle in Beverly in years 1982 and 1989 and from 2001 through 2004. When not president, she took on other duties as a program leader in 1993, and she continues to provide the World Thank Offering Program every year in November at the Beverly United Methodist Women’s Circle. In order to inform the women in the group of the many outreach activities the missions and monies support, she provided summaries of articles from Response magazine at each meeting.

Her great passion to learn more about missions led her to attend the School of Christian Mission in July 2012 at West Virginia Wesleyan College. She provided her group the song that was used for the class task. She has always attended Spring, Fall and Wesleyan District meetings.

For the past 50 years she has been an example to the church and the community of how to actively support the missions of the women’s circle by faithfully attending meetings, volunteering her time and supporting missions in the local and the extended community and praying for the Lord’s guidance for all church and community members. She is a gift to the church, even if she humbly states that she just does not do enough.