Tucker sex charges dismissed

Sexual assault charges against an Inwood woman were dismissed without prejudice in Tucker County Circuit Court this week.

Francesca Cortes, 26, of 45 Murlin Drive, appeared with her attorney, Megan Allender, Thursday. Cortes was indicted in February on two counts each of first degree sexual assault, sexual abuse by a parent or guardian and incest.

Allender asked Nelson that Cortes’ charges be dismissed with prejudice. Tucker County Prosecuting Attorney Ray LaMora III agreed for the charges to be dismissed but dismissed without prejudice, meaning they could be brought back up at a later date. LaMora said there were some issues with witnesses.

Also in Tucker County Circuit Court Thursday:

  • George Keihl, 28, appeared before Circuit Judge Lynn A. Nelson with his attorney, Frank Bush, who said he is waiting for documentation from LaMora.

Keihl was arrested in early February after police said he reported a false emergency and made false claims. Nelson scheduled Keihl’s pretrial hearing for 9:30 a.m. Aug. 12.

  • Clifford S. Boyles, 46, of 222 Water St., Parsons, entered a guilty plea agreement to the charge of false information to a police officer, a misdemeanor.

Boyles was indicted in February for failure to register or provide notice of registration.

  • Karla Louise Harrison, 32, of 81 Sixth St., Hambleton, appeared with her attorney, Bush. Harrison is wanted on a fugitive warrant from Prince William County, Va.

The criminal complaint from Virginia said police believe Harrison stole a prescription of 90-plus hydromorphone pills on June 21.

The complaint alleges the prescription was hidden in a sports drink bottle. According to the complaint, the pills were taken from Woodbridge, Va., and Harrison did not have permission to remove them from the residence.

“We cannot resolve the Virginia matters here in Tucker County, W.Va.,” Nelson said. “It is your desire to waive extradition to get back to Prince William County?”

Harrison said she wanted to go back to Virginia, and signed the extradition paperwork.

  • James Waybright, 47, of 458 Smokey Hollow Road, Parsons, appeared with his attorney, Chris Cooper, who asked the court to afford him $3,000 for an investigator for the defense. Nelson agreed.

Waybright was indicted on one count of sexual assault in the second degree, a felony. Police said he had intercourse with the alleged victim July 4, 2013, after she told him she did not want to have sex with him. Nelson set Waybright’s pretrial hearing for 9:30 a.m. Sept. 3.

  • Charles Miller Jr., 60, of Thomas, appeared with his attorney, Cooper. Miller was indicted on three counts of sexual assault in the third degree, three counts of sexual abuse of an incapacitated adult and three counts of sexual abuse by a parent, custodian or guardian during the Tucker County Grand Jury indictments in June.

Cooper asked for $3,000 for an investigator and said discovery needed to be provided. Nelson agreed to the investigator funds, and set Miller’s pretrial hearing for 9:30 a.m. Sept. 3.