Volunteer Day set at Polk Creek Community Park

The city of Weston and Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital (SJMH) are working with a group of dedicated volunteers to renovate the Polk Creek Playground. At a recent meeting of the playground committee, it was decided to call the playground Polk Creek Community Park.

The public has taken an active interest in bringing back a memorable “hangout” for generations of children in the West Second Street area. On Aug. 9, SJMH is planning to have a Volunteer Day at the playground to install and landscape part of the facility.

Connie Riffle and her husband, John, have been instrumental in giving life to the old playground.

“I went to school at Polk Creek and after school ended during the day we stayed and played ball in the field, used the swings and the sliding board that were there,” Riffle said. “There were four generations of my family who went through that school so there are lots of memories for my whole family with that place that is why I am so interested in bringing it back to life.”

There has been great community interest from the very generous people who have donated money and equipment to the effort. Thanks to Scott Lambert and the town of Jane Lew, there will be an extra swing set and teeter totter there.

The playground organizers are picking up equipment from Roanoke School, several people who taught at the school, and physicians from SJMH. If one would like to donate to the effort, send your check to SJMH, Polk Creek Playground, 230 Hospital Plaza, Weston, WV 26452. To volunteer during that day, call 304-269-8167.