Rosenblum joins Davis Medical Center staff

ELKINS – Davis Health System welcomes family medicine physician Bret Rosenblum, MD, who will practice at the new physician office suite at Davis Medical Center (DMC) beginning Sept. 1.

Rosenblum graduated from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Pa., and has been in practice for 21 years. He is board certified in family


Prior to his recent work as a physician and medical director for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Urgent Care, Wexford, Pa., Rosenblum practiced in the private family medicine setting for more than 14 years in Elkins.

“I look forward to reestablishing the care of former patients,” stated Rosenblum, who, along with wife Susan, is happy to return to the area. “For me, practicing medicine here is rewarding because the people I care for are incredibly genuine and share my appreciation for the unique quality of life afforded by the region.

“I have many great patients and dear friends with whom I cannot wait to reconnect.”

Rosenblum joins DMC family practitioners Dr. Catherine “Mindy” Chua and Dr. Johanna Biola, as well as pediatrician Amanda Pennington, MD on the ground floor physician suite.

“As a student at Elkins High School, Biola ‘shadowed’ at my practice on Chenoweth Creek. At the time she was contemplating going into the medical field,” Rosenblum said. “She returned for several rotations during her med school and residency training and it was my hope to one day bring her on as a partner. Now, I’m delighted to join her and the other physicians at Davis Medical Center.”

As a family medicine physician, Rosenblum provides comprehensive care to people of all ages and at all stages of life and health including routine, urgent, and chronic disease management. In-office consultations, procedures and treatments are coordinated with the care patients receive from other specialty services and physicians within DMC.

His practice focuses on the care of pediatric and teenage patients as well as college students and young adults. In addition Rosenblum can diagnose and treat a wide range of illnesses and conditions for all aspects of adult health.

Further, he is certifid to provide Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals.

He is a proponent for healthy lifestyle choices, and cautions against the prescribed use of medications patients may not need, which often come with potentially serious side effects and unnecessary cost.

“Lifestyle optimzes overall health,” he said. “And establishing individual goals for good health and understanding the setting of ones own life helps us, as practitioners, plan for and manage the care needed throughout the life cycle without dependence on complex or expensive prescription regimens.”

The Davis Medical Center Physician Office Suite is located on the DMC campus at 812 Gorman Avenue. Former patients and individuals without the care of a primary care physician are encouraged to call for more information or an appointment by dialing 304-637-3894, or visit the website at