Teter CEOS hosts annual picnic

Teter CEOS met for an annual picnic and games at the Buckhannon City Park in the Bill and Dorothy Short Pavilion, July 17.

Following the picnic, the members, along with some spouses, played bingo with prizes for all.

President Cathy DeBarr announced that the August meeting would be held a week early because of reorganization. She asked each member to have their volunteer hours ready to turn in at that time. She announced there would be a meeting at the extension office to make blankets for the Head Start snuggle and read program.

Members present were Judy Beer; Carol Biser and Ed; Annette Brake and Neil; Cathy DeBarr and Vic; Millie Hornbeck and Harry; Joyce Hoover; Debbie Kittle and Bob; Cindy Raffetey and J.C.; Janet Smith and Burl; Iris Mae Swecker; and Karen Trent and Richard.