Magpie to perform in Beverly

At 7:30 p.m. Saturday, the Buckey House will offer a concert with special guests Terry Leonino and Greg Artzner, the duo known as Magpie.

Award-winning performers and recording artists, Leonino and Artzner have been playing and writing songs together for more than 40 years and have toured the length and breadth of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland and Italy. Their most recent performances were just this past month in Elkins as part of Augusta Festival.

They have numerous recordings to their credit including their most recent 40th anniversary CD entitled “Of Changes and Dreams” and a collection of Civil War songs, “The Civil War: Songs and Stories Untold.”

With a voice that is powerful and versatile, Leonino sings jazz and blues in the tradition of Connie Boswell and Billie Holiday, but is equally comfortable with the subtle beauty of traditional folk and contemporary songs. In addition to this and her uncanny ability to find the perfect harmony line, Leonino is also an excellent player of the harmonica, mandolin, fretted dulcimer and rhythm guitar.

Artzner’s fingerstyle guitar work shows the influence of his heroes, guitar legends Reverend Gary Davis, Big Bill Broonzy, Nick Lucas, Phil Ochs and Rolly Brown. His playing is the solid basis of Magpie’s sound, providing whatever is called for, whether it be a hard-driving rhythm, or a ringing lyrical beauty, from a slow Scots air or a plaintive ballad, to a rollicking ragtime blues or infectious swing. His high baritone voice has equal range and his captivating interpretation gives power and beauty to the full spectrum. Rather than confine themselves to a single style, Magpie has always embraced a musical smorgasbord, and with impressive proficiency in each genre.

Well-known for their performances of hard-hitting topical songs, Leonino and Artzner are regular performers on Phil Ochs Song Nights, organized by Phil’s sister, Sonny Ochs, since 1984. Artzner began to play music in the early 1960s as a direct result of the Civil Rights Movement.

Leonino also began singing at that time, and spent many of her childhood summers with her mother’s family in the deep south where she witnessed the cruelty of racism and the power of the movement.

The duo continues to reflect these experiences in their own work as they frequently raise their voices in support of the ongoing struggles for civil rights, justice, peace and sustaining the earth.

The historic Buckey House is located at 10 Main St. in Beverly just south of the Marathon Station. Admission will be charged for guests to enjoy live music and sumptuous refreshments in this 18th century home, once a tavern. For reservations, call host Deb Farrell at 304-635-0359.