Art installation questions what it means to be you

NEW YORK (AP) — High heels that are part of your feet. Matching bespoke beating hearts. Bioreactive necklaces and bioluminescent filaments that serve as a Medusa-esque back ornament.

Enter the world of A. Human, a fictional brand on Mercer Street that serves as both commentary on the touchy nature of body modifications today and the external focus and force of the fashion industry. And, also, what it means to be, well, you.

The immersive art show was thought up by Simon Huck, who enlisted Kim Kardashian West, Chrissy Teigen and some of his other famous friends to tease his Disney World for grown-ups that comes complete with a gift shop and an invitation to the public to walk through all month — for $40 a ticket.

The idea is that A. Human, and its spring-summer 2019 collection from the future, can help you reimagine your body, but not in a Dr. Frankenstein way. These modifications, a mouthful of marble tooth inlays, for instance, or bony turquoise-colored barnacles at the shoulders (color options available), are more about self-expression than vain alterations aimed at cultural acceptance.

“How do you make body modifications not scary? That was our biggest challenge. How do you create a world where they can be stylish and inviting and not invoke that ‘ew’ feeling that you sometimes get when you look at body modifications? That was part of the ethos of A. Human,” explained Huck during a walk-through Tuesday, ahead of the official start of New York Fashion Week.