New restaurant opens four locations

The Inter-Mountain photos by Shannon Bennett Campbell Alfredo’s of Marlinton sits in the town’s business district ready to open its doors for hungry patrons.

BUCKHANNON — As we are finally enjoying longer sunlit evenings, the smack of baseball bats on children’s playgrounds and the ability to drive most anywhere without watching for frozen slick spots, travel becomes a way of life again. All is well.

During a recent jaunt around Central West Virginia, I had occasion to visit a new eatery that not only has a single location, but four of them scattered throughout this region. Being one who always enjoys foods and their presentation, I was able to spend some time during the noonday having lunch with several other patrons and want to share some findings.

Greeting you from each of four restaurant locations will be a large red sign with white letters announcing that you have arrived at Alfredo’s. Buckhannon, Marlinton, Summersville and Lewisburg are home to this establishment. Open seven days a week at 10:30 a.m., they do not close until well into the evening. I easily found the Buckhannon location on Route 20, south, just beyond Buckhannon-Upshur Middle High School on the right.

One of the reasons I was looking forward to a lunch here was the opportunity to have a Greek sandwich, the Gyro. I enjoyed these so much during my Morgantown college days and knew the diner advertised that they specialized in the “best of Italian and Greek food.”

Their very large menu selections took some time to digest and I cannot imagine anyone having difficulty finding something appealing among their offerings.

This serving of tiramisu did not wait long to be consumed.

Salads included all the important varieties of Greek, Antipasto and Caesar. Calzones and a large pizza possibility list along with regular Italian dinners of eggplant, chicken parmigiana, pasta ravioli, spaghetti, manicotti, lasagna and cannoli fill the pages.

If the Italian or Greek foods are not your fare, Angus burgers, Buffalo wings and hot and cold subs are available.

While it might be difficult to wolf down dessert after a meal here, their list of sweet items will tempt you as turtle cheesecake, baklava, tiramisu and carrot cake are just a few of their regular treats. They have even produced a large refrigerated unit full of these cut and packaged desserts to take out as one leaves the dining area. So, beware!

Service is sufficient to get a meal to you during a lunch break and the quiet, friendly atmosphere assures a pleasant time. Parking is ample and take-out service is available.

As I concluded my visit and was ready for departure, I overheard a conversation about how wonderful the pizza tasted, so I noted that this may be my next purchase there. I was very satisfied with the preparation of my Gyro sandwich.

It is always a pleasure to patronize a new establishment in our area. It takes a while to build trade and win over new faces. People like to have a variety of spots where they can dine from time to time.

Alfredo’s could be a new possibility and I do not hesitate to say that while reading the menu will take a little time, you will be assured of the exact item for which you are having a taste. For a family meal, I am sure they will produce something that can please everyone in the party.


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