Welcoming Maid Silvia

Photos courtesy of Brent Kepner/Foto 1 Maid Silvia LXXXIII Kaitlin Marie Smith poses for a photo with the Mountain State Forest Festival Assistant Directors during a welcome reception Sunday on the campus of Davis & Elkins College.
Guests greet the Maids of Honor and their families in a receiving line.
Maid Silvia Kaitlin Marie Smith is hugged by her grandmother, Kitty Smith.
Maid of Honor Susan Riggleman, Queens Department Director Melanie Dempsey, Maid Silvia Kaitlin Marie Smith, Director General Robin Miller and Maid of Honor Christine Zurbuch.
Maid Silvia Kaitlin Marie Smith addresses the crowd during the welcome reception Sunday.
Maid of Honor Christine Zurbuch is hugged by her grandmother, Carolyn Zurbuch.
Maid of Honor Susan Riggleman is escorted down the stairs by Assistant Director Todd Riggleman during her introduction at the welcome reception.


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