Birthday Parade

Little girl surprised by family, friends and cartoon characters

Bailey is the daughter of Andrew and Misty Johnston of Elkins. She has one sister, Brooklyn Johnston of Elkins.

ELKINS — A little girl with serious health issues recently enjoyed a birthday parade featuring her friends, family, wellwishers and even cartoon characters.

Bailey Johnston’s family submitted a description of the parade, along with information about her life:

“On this day three years ago, a little girl named Bailey Johnston was born in Ruby Memorial Hospital. This little girl was born with some very serious heart issues that caused her to spend the first couple months of life in Ruby Memorial Hospital. Thanks to the amazing doctors and staff, they were able to help her go from Critical Condition to a normal way of life with medications. She may face heart surgery later but medicine is helping to control her issues.

“So needless to say she has been in quarantine for quite some time (since Dec. 1). This little lady loves to shop in the stores, that’s when she is her happiest. She has not been in a store since Dec 1. So this whole quarantine has been pretty hard for Bailey to understand why she can’t be in the store or on the playground. Its been very hard.

“Bailey was chosen at Christmas to receive a Make a Wish and was due to go to Disney World in late March, her trip was rescheduled again for May and now is rescheduled again for late fall.

Submitted photos Cartoon and movie characters line up to celebrate the birthday of 3-year-old Bailey Johnston of Elkins.

“So the family inquired online asking what everyone thought of having her a Birthday Parade. Really didn’t think I would get much response. But I was wrong, we have had many people share our story and said they were coming and they did! The mayor, city police, state police, fire rescue, emergency squad and sheriff’s department with tons of cartoon characters, brought by Marlene White Arbogast. The parade lineup was at 3 p.m. May 9 at the Kelley Foundry on South 10th Street in Elkins with Amy and David Green heading the parade lineup. They then drove to Bailey’s home, honking and screaming ‘Happy Birthday.’

“Bailey is the daughter of Andrew and Misty Johnston of Elkins. She has one sister, Brooklyn Johnston of Elkins. Her maternal grandparents are Keith and Jeanie Weese of Elkins and her paternal grandparents are, Keith and Terry Johnston of Elkins.”


A birthday parade for Bailey Johnston was held in Elkins on May 9. The parade lined up at Kelley Foundry on South 10th Street and then drove to her home.


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