Behold the Beauty

One cannot pass through our Central West Virginia small towns without feeling some measure of celebration. People are dutifully working and performing good deeds whenever they can.

Grocery stores and restaurants are providing desired foods. Medical and health personnel are assuring assistance that diagnoses and heals, and city governments are functioning effectively to ensure stability and direction.

We are hopefully at the half-way mark in waiting for the coronavirus vaccine we need to free us of masks and distancing. Patience and perseverance are necessary commodities.

In honor of all those community members who have given time and effort to make a difference in the lives of so many, enjoy reviewing some of the special scenes that are part of our everyday panoramas and be glad to live among the people of the Mountain State.

Residents will tell you, “They feel blessed to live in West Virginia.” I will tell you, “Our people are a blessing.”

We ask God to continue to support us and keep us as we work each day to do our parts in providing for and protecting ourselves, our loved ones, our friends and neighbors. And, do take time to behold the beauty.


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