Building a Vibrant Community – What’s our message, Randolph County?

ELKINS — What’s our message, Randolph County? We don’t mean what do we want or what do we need. We all want some things in our community, and we definitely need some things, too.

Our wants and needs will be addressed in articles coming later in this Building A Vibrant Community series, and serious conversations are happening in our task forces about these wants and needs. If you would like to be a part of these conversations, call us at the Chamber. We’re looking for individuals who want to be a part of creating a vibrant community.

Today when we ask, “What’s our message, Randolph County?” we mean, what are we trying to communicate to the tourists we would like to visit our community? To the people we would like to attract to live in our community? To our young people we would like to keep in our community?

Messaging is communication to a specific, targeted audience. Messaging should highlight the positive, important, valuable aspects of the thing one is trying to promote. Messaging should be honest and straightforward. Messaging should connect in a meaningful way to its intended audience.

So, we ask again, What’s our message, Randolph County? In every statement we make or publish or post or blast or tweet about our community, we should be promoting this place we call home in the most positive way possible…because our future depends on it.

We have multiple CVB’s working hard to promote our community to visitors. What if we worked equally hard to promote our community to our family, friends, and neighbors? And, most importantly, to our children? It’s easy to whine and complain about what we DON’T have. It’s harder to compromise, promote the wonderful things we DO have, and work together to create the things we need and want.

The Chamber has established 12 Vibrant Response Task Forces. They cover tasks from economic development to education, from communication to transportation. The coronavirus may have changed the way we are meeting, planning, and proceeding, but it hasn’t stopped us. Over the next 10 weeks, our Vibrant Response Task Force Leaders will be sharing their plans for action in their specific task force areas. They will be sharing their “messages” for our community.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. This is our time, Randolph County. This is our time to Build A Vibrant Community. Won’t you join us and help spread the message?

This article is based on ideas from “Building a Vibrant Community” by Quint Studer. Compliments of Tygart Valley Orthopedics, the Elkins-Randolph County Chamber has free copies of the book available to those who are interested.


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