Bright Beginnings

Kicking off the new year with a healthy trip

The Inter-Mountain photos by Shannon Bennett Campbell A spotless downstairs is home to over 60 food containers full of grains, dried fruits and nut varieties along with delightful-tasting granola cereals.

According to Santa from his highest vantage point while dropping off gifts over these white-covered Appalachians, everyone worked hard to celebrate Christmas as best they could. No doubt, a few traditions had to be modified and there were some tears mixed in with the smiles, but Christmas was honored and that spirit takes us into 2021. After assuring a long holiday season, we really need to do some pampering and get ourselves motivated to consider some modification and change to ensure a happier and brighter new year.

Yes, one still has to don a mask, but let me suggest putting on a short list a visit to downtown Lewisburg’s East Washington Street where Edith’s Health and Specialty Store has a stockpile of improvement essentials waiting for your appearance. The just-over two hour trip to get there from Elkins will allow you to plan your strategies for being renewed and reorganized for the new-born year.

An established store since 1986, the friendly atmosphere begins at 9:30 a.m. and continues through 6 p.m. each day except Sunday. If self-improvement is on one’s mind, it will soon be recognized that this is a gem-of-a-store offering a total rescue package.

A 30-year patron, I have always been captivated by the number and brands of vitamins and supplements Edith had in stock to address deficiencies. Her staff always spent whatever time it took to determine just the right remedy for a problem. If they did not have an item in stock, they graciously agreed to order it, because they are determined to help customers improve their health and enhance their outlooks on life.

A favorite excursion for many store visitors is the trip to their lower floor where they keep over 60 large plastic containers of bulk foods including baking items, nuts, dried fruits, granola varieties and grains. Above this array of stocked foods are the equally scattered spice containers that allow for patrons to measure their purchases. Owners have determined that during the current health problems where store attendants must fulfill and weigh orders, calling ahead with desired needs will assist in having items ready for pick-up. This can be done by calling 304-645-7998 or making the contact over the computer.

Edith McKinley, a West Virginia pioneer among healthy food operations, takes a moment to reflect about how her store began in downtown Lewisburg in 1986.

Organically-grown fresh vegetables and hormone-free meats (beef, poultry, and pork) are all available in their store’s ample refrigeration that, also, allows for fresh farm eggs, cheeses and a large cold drink variety.

A stop can, too, be made to stock-up on hot drink mixes including teas, cocoa or steaming broth soup products. They never consider having one brand of anything, so plan to take some time with your visit to carefully select the perfect choices.

While the raw and packaged foods bought here bring many in, there are, also, a large selection of beauty products that address any number of skin, facial enhancement or hair care needs. Special soaps, lotions and shampoos fill their shelves. One often finds others perusing for a friend’s birthday gift item. This store is a one-stop choice for most.

Two years ago, long-time store employee Lindsay Jones became its new owner. A Bluefield State College Business Administration graduate, she had the perfect qualifications to ensure continuity of great service and a positive attitude toward helping customers improve their inherent qualities. She understands the concept of total fitness and working toward healthy living and good looks. She continues the role of advisor that she watched her mentor, Edith, perform during her store tenure.

While visiting this area, an excellent lunch or dinner choice is just down the street from Edith’s. For possibly the most complete menu in West Virginia and certainly outstanding service, check with “Food and Friends” for a meal you will always remember. And, not-to-worry, the price will be right.

Any shopping day is complete with a stop at Food and Friends where fine food and excellent service are trademarks. Above, the Fraley family shares their pleasure after a splendid evening meal.

As you get the word “pamper” in your vocabulary, please understand that any self-improvement involves change and planning. This is what I always like about the arrival of the new year. It provides another chance to do better.

I take this opportunity to wish everyone well with their efforts and to remember that famous line, “Rome was not built in a day.” Nor, will we be. But, we can choose to be our best, and this is so necessary to keep our world moving onward and upward. May a happier and healthier 2021 be yours. I know we will all keep asking in our prayers for it to be so.

Customers can always count on guidance from Edith McKinley and her staff to ensure just the right purchase to address specific needs.


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