Building a Vibrant Community: We are the place!

ELKINS — Quint Studer, author of “Building a Vibrant Community,” says in his book, “Our country was built on place, built on neighbors, and built on people helping each other.” Randolph County is the place, has the neighbors, and has people that help each other. This is not only true during these tough times, but all the time.

Let’s talk about the place. Elkins and Randolph County are truly an ideal location to not just visit, but to live, work, play, and stay. We have a variety of restaurants, specialty shops, museums, and music venues unlike any other place in our region. It’s what makes us unique, vibrant, and authentic in our own way.

Elkins/Randolph County is considered the hub of the region. Located in the heart of West Virginia and situated on the outskirts of the Allegheny mountains, we can easily access an ample amount of outdoor recreation opportunities. The pandemic has given us the chance to appreciate what we have in our back yard. Many people visiting, as well as residents, are discovering trails to explore, rivers to fish, and mountains to experience. This has fostered a sense of pride in our community that we have so much to access.

Every vibrant community realizes we need each other. Whether it is a shopper to your business, a neighbor down the street, or a friend who is a part of your organization, we need to support each other and be proud of each other’s accomplishments. Those who work together – win together. Communities are built internally and externally. Organizations working together for the greater good, regional partnerships, and state-wide alliances can initiate action to enhance the smallest of communities.

So, let’s celebrate the positives during this odd time. Let’s tell our story to the world. Share your experiences with family, friends, and neighbors. Let’s band together and make a difference. Elkins and Randolph County are well on their way to being a vibrant community, but we need YOU. Become involved with an organization that needs volunteers, check out the HubCAP program, join a task force team at the Chamber, volunteer at the hospital, a food bank, or church. Just commit to doing something to help enhance your community. By doing so, you ensure We ARE the Place!

Compliments of Tygart Valley Orthopedics and additional generous donors, the Elkins-Randolph County Chamber has free copies of “Building A Vibrant Community” available to those who are interested. Call us today to get a copy of the book, or, better yet, to join the Vibrant Community movement, at 304-636-2717.


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