Howes family hosts reunion

The Howes reunion took place Aug. 4 at the Indian Camp Normal. The reunion opened with president Junior Howes having prayer and remembering the loved ones who have passed away. Please pray for Katie Howes who recently had bypass surgery. The family honored Jospeh Howes, who started the first Howes reunion 50 years ago.

The business meeting opened with Junior Howes reading the scriptures 1 John 1:5, 6 and 7. The scripture was dedicated to Richard Tinney, Junior Howes’ nephew.

Winning the guess jars were Lilyanna Howell, Jake Chapman and Hayley Thomas. Virginia Howes won the quilt that was raffled off.

The minutes were read and approved. The treasurer’s report was given and approved. There was no old business to conduct.

Shirley Tinney made a motion that the reunion still provides the meat for next year. It was seconded by Carrol Chapman and approved with the voting. Lori Howes made a motion that Jennifer Kimble be the vice president next year. It was seconded by Shirley Tinney and approved with the voting.

Other officers are Junior Howes, president; Berta Thompson, secretary; and Eloise Chapman, treasurer.

Gifts went to Scott Henry’s family for having the most family members present, to April Howes for traveling the farthest from North Carolina, to Franklin and Virginia Howes for being married the longest with 53 years, to Craig and Crystal Howell for being the youngest married with only two weeks, to 88-year-old Mary Howes as the oldest person in attendance and to 5-week-old Kaylen Chapman as the youngest person in attendance.

The meeting closed with prayer. Money was collected for the Big Bend Century fund. A total of 80 people who signed the book.