The 2014 Haymond reunion has just passed, and the family is looking forward to the 2015 gathering. Numbers are shrinking but food and good fellowship abound.

Glass rulers etched with the family name and year were the gifts given out this year. Those receiving gifts were: Hazel Davidson is still holding on to the oldest direct descendant crown with 96 years. Lila Cutright took her ruler for the youngest at 5 months. Jerry and Joyce Haymond got the prize for longest married with 46 years. Cleve and Sharon Haymond were this year’s newlyweds having a little less than two years. Jenny and Wayne Carr still traveled the farthest coming from Arizona.

The direct descendants older than 70 are: Hazel Davidson, 96; Iris Mick, 87; Reva Thorton and Katie McKisic, both 86; Rich and Gerald Haymond, both 81; and Reba Riffle, 80.

The 2015 reunion will be Sept. 6.