71st Cooper reunion at Mountain Farm near Harman a success

The 71st annual Cooper reunion was Aug. 9 at the Mountain Farm below Harman.

President Tim Turner gave the welcome. Songs were led by Libby and Tom Cooper and Merry Lou Vance. Tom Cooper shared heartwarming devotions to the group, reminiscing of familiar faces and places and of loved ones who have departed that were with us in the past. He shared the Biblical story of Cain and Abel and how Cain slew his brother. This was the first murder committed in Biblical times. Abel’s memory has not been forgotten. He presented a generous offering to the Lord. He was obedient and righteous. Abel was a good guy. His brother, Cain, was disobedient, selfish and a murderer. God expects us to do our best. Our life should be an offering to God. Abel was placed in the listing of the heroes of faith. We all have memories of the special people that have been in our lives. Those memories linger with us for our lifetime. They were special to us and to God. They will not be forgotten. Tom closed with prayer for the noon meal.

The day was beautiful and there was an abundance of delicious foods. The younger generation played games during the business session which was opened with a welcome from Vice- President Jonnie Ann Lane Skidmore.

Tim Turner gave the historical report. There were nine births and 10 deaths related to the Coopers, eight Cooper deaths, two marriages and two anniversaries shared this past year.

Minutes were given by Secretary Merry Lou Vance. Prizes were given to the following: The youngest, was Ronin Cash Vance, 4 months old, while the eldest was Helen Taylor, 97 years old. Traveling the greatest distance was Daryl Harman. Married the most years were Billie Ann and Van Rhymer. Newlyweds were Jeremy and Alicia Vance.

The mystery photo prepared by Tim Turner on the back of the program was recognized by Dwight Cooper. It was the Riley and Eula Cooper family and Lila Lee Cooper Teter Ray.

Family door prizes were won by Evan Wilfong, Rex Vance, Neil Kisamore, Marjorie Lawrence, Karley Woods, Merry Lou Vance, Brody Skidmore, Terry Cooper, Daryl Harman, Roger Kisamore, Helen Taylor and Sam Armstrong.

Family roll call: There were two from the Samuel Cooper family, four from the Christian Cooper family, two from the Valentine Cooper family, 18 from the Elijah Cooper family, one from the Daniel Cooper family and four from the Sarah Cooper family.

A total of 45 persons registered in attendance. The officers will remain. The reunion will be held the second Sunday in August 2016 at the Dry Fork Recreation Center pavilion.


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