73rd Cooper reunion takes place

The 73rd annual Cooper reunion was Aug. 13 at the Mountain Farm below Harman.

Tom Cooper shared morning devotions. He said God’s original plan was for us to dwell with him. We lost that in the Garden of Eden where Eve was tempted by the serpent (Satan), he said. God is merciful, gracious and loving to us. He has a plan when we fall short. He sent Christ to live upon this earth to teach, perform miracles and set an example for us. After three years of ministry, he was crucified for our sins and arose the third day, Cooper said. Jesus has promised to make all things new. If we remain faithful unto death, we will receive eternal life. Some day the great reunion will be much bigger with those who have gone on before, he said. Cooper led the prayer for the noon meal.

The welcome was given by Jonnie Ann Lane Skidmore. The minutes were read by the secretary, Merry Lou Vance.

Door prizes were presented by the president, Tim Turner, to: John Mayes, the eldest attending; Ronin Cash Vance, the youngest attending; Daryl Harman, traveling the farthest; Billie Ann and Van Wymer, being married for 62 years; and Alicia and Jeremy Vance, newlyweds for being married for five years.

Those winning family door prizes were: Jeff Cooper, Daryl Harman, Sharon Harman, Ronin Vance, Bronson Vance, Merry Jo Vance, Ethan Cooper, Debbie Rush, Jack Bennett, John Mayes and John Cooper.

It was a unanimous decision by the group to keep the same slate of officers: President Tim Turner, Vice-president Jonnie Ann Lane Skidmore; and Secretary/Treasurer Merry Lou Vance.

There were 34 people registered in attendance. The reunion is always held the second Sunday in August.