Many Elkins water customers under boil-water advisory

The city of Elkins has experienced a major water-main break in the vicinity of Wilson Avenue. This break has affected service and water quality across wide areas of the city. Crews have been working since Tuesday night to restore service. However, this work has been complicated by approximately 15-18 inches of concrete roadbed and the proximity of gas lines and a sewer main, all under a major truck route.Service will be restored as soon as possible.

Please be advised that many parts of the city is under a boil-water advisory. Areas under a boil-water advisory includes all customers west of Worth Avenue and south of Harrison Avenue including Oak Grove, Tygart Valley Mall and Crystal Springs. Water customers outside of the boil water area may still experience discolored water.

Boil-water advisories are issued out of an abundance of caution and do not necessarily indicate the presence of contaminated water. For more information about boil-water advisories, please see: http://cityofelkinswv.com/living/public-service-utilities/water-treatment-plant/boil-water-advisories/.

Notification will be sent out when the boil water advisory is lifted.


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