Allegheny Insurance announces program

ELKINS – Allegheny Insurance today announced its “Keep The Change” match donation program for the summer of 2016, which will run through Sept. 1.

For the “Keep the Change” initiative, Allegheny Insurance donates approximately 60,000 water bottles a year to local groups and organizations who can sell and make at least a 100 percent profit, selling the bottle for $1-$1.50. Allegheny then encourages those who have purchased the bottles to keep their bottles and fill them with dimes; each water bottle holds 1,000 dimes or $100. By Sept. 1, those who have purchased the bottles and want to donate must decide on a charity to donate the funds to. The charity that receives the most in donations will receive a match donation up to $1,000 from Allegheny Insurance.

“The Keep the Change initiative has the potential to raise $6,000,000 if everyone who purchased a bottle of water took it home and filled it with dimes,” said James W. Wallace, president of Allegheny Insurance Services Inc. “Even if the initiative raises just a portion of that, we can have a real impact on the local community.”

Upon the launch of this year’s program, Allegheny Insurance has released a video on YouTube chronicling the impact that the “Keep the Change” initiative has had on the North Marion High School Track Team.

“Luckily for us, we have such a great track family and we have such local support that it wasn’t that hard. And doing these dimes, it just piled up really quick. And now we have everything we could really ever need and more,” said Leah Michael, a member of North Marion High School’s track team.

For donations to be considered for a match contribution, they must be logged on the insurance agency’s website and must be made in the form of change or money in an empty water bottle.


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