Keys to keeping New Year’s resolution is coaching, support

ELKINS — Every year, millions of Americans resolve to lead healthier lifestyles. Most of them vow to eat healthier meals, exercise more often and lose weight. Despite the best of intentions; however, 90 percent who make those types of resolutions are back to their old, unhealthy habits in a matter of week.

But what about the 10 percent who manage to make significant changes? What’s their secret?

According to a recent survey conducted by Anytime Fitness, the keys to success include:

• A supportive environment.

• A good coach.

• A detailed plan to help to get started on the right path.

That’s why the Anytime Fitness gym in Elkins and Buckhannon is offering a special “Join for $1” deal to anyone who signs up for a new membership between Jan. 2-6.

“Every new member will receive a free fitness consultation, so we can learn exactly what we need to work on — together — to help you achieve your fitness goal,” said David Kesling, owner of the Anytime Fitness gyms in Elkins and Buckhannon. “Based on that assessment, each new member also will receive a free personalized 30-day ‘Get Started Plan.’ It takes more than wishful thinking to achieve any goal. If you really want to stick to your New Year’s resolution, then a specific plan is crucial.”

Kesling says dozens of members of his gym have dramatically improved their health via regular exercise and healthier eating habits.

Among te findings in the recent Anytime Fitness survey:

• Nine out of 10 people who have worked out with a fitness coach experienced “positive” results.

• People who work with a fitness coach and who “track” their activity levels are five times as likely to achieve their fitness goals compared to those people who do not.

Taking the fist steps toward a healthier lifestyle is the hardest part, Kesling said. After that, it gets a whole lot easier.

“The secret to making big changes is recognizing and appreciating little victories,” Kesling said. “Getting started can be scary. But, with the right type of coaching and support, anything is possible.

“Most people say the reason they don’t exercise more often is that they don’t have the time,” Kesling added. “How you spend your time and what you do is up to you. But, if you’d like to make positive changes in your life, our gym is a great place to get started. A year from now, you’ll be glad you did.”


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