ERCC expands physical therapy programs

ELKINS– Elkins Rehabilitation & Care Center is adding three innovative physical therapy programs in order to provide new ways to offer care to residents and members of the community through an ongoing partnership with Odyssey Rehabilitation.

The short- and long-term care facility in Elkins now offers a cardiopulmonary program, Astym treatment and a functional maintenance program as a part of their rehabilitation services. ERCC officials believe the programs will enhance the care it provides.

“We’re really pleased to be able to offer these programs to our residents,” said Tara Shaver, interim administrator at Elkins Rehabilitation & Care Center. “These programs are cutting edge in improving recovery rates and will greatly assist in managing the care of individuals who come to us.”

Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation utilizes closely monitored cardio exercises and activities to assist individuals suffering from heart disease. The program focuses on giving patients a greater independence by assisting and providing education on continuing heart health management.

Astym treatment focuses on restoring soft tissue, such as skin, muscles and tendons. Astym treatment utilizes a specialized device to increase blood flow to an identified body area with the goal of decreasing pain and eliminating or reducing scarring.

The use of this form of treatment is known to improve recovery times.

The functional maintenance program is designed to keep an individual’s everyday function from declining through basic activities and exercises. This program works with residents throughout the facility as they go through their day-to-day functions. This allows for individuals to be treated while completing normal tasks and their daily activities can resume without interruption.

“These programs will allow us more opportunities to continue to improve our residents’ quality of life,” stated Shaver. “This is another unique way we can continue to build on our mission of delivering complete compassionate care.”

These groundbreaking physical therapy programs require licensed physical therapists to receive additional, specialized certification.

ERCC is a 111-bed, nonprofit, short- and long-term skilled and intermediate care and rehabilitation facility located in Elkins. A wide range of care and rehabilitation services is provided at the facility by more than 150 full-time and part-time employees.