Rail Car on Display in Elkins Railyard

Photos courtesy of Jeff Fullmer This B&O gondola rail car has been on display between the Elkins Depot and the Darden Mill. The rail car is an artifact of the West Virginia Rail Road Museum and was graciously placed on temporary display by the Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad during the excursion off season. The rail car serves as a good visual reminder of our communities unique railroad heritage and also a signal of the re-birth of railroading here for new purposes, particularly enabling people from all over to experience and explore this beautiful part of West Virginia. The gondola was built in the 1930s in Keyser for the B&O railroad and is the last of its type for B&O equipment. It is referred to as a ‘drop-end mill gondola’ and was used to haul steel mill products and scrap. One end of the car is open to allow loading of large materials. The rail car was originally destined for the B&O Transportation Museum in Baltimore but was acquired by the WVRRM and stored in Belington and is now on display. Hopefully sometime in the future the museum will be able to publicly display additional artifacts in its collection for the enjoyment of the community and rail enthusiasts everywhere.