Schoonover retires from ERCC board of directors

Submitted photo Gary Schoonover, right, is pictured here with a plague and gold watch given to him by the ERCC Board of Directors to commemorate his 30 years of service to the organization. He is pictured with Robert Wilmoth, ERCC Board of Directors Chairman, at left.

ELKINS — From facility moves to multi-million dollar expansion projects, Elkins Rehabilitation & Care Center Board Member Gary Schoonover has seen a lot in his 30 years with the organization. ERCC was originally established in 1968 as Elkins Convalescent Hospital (ECH), a division of Memorial General Hospital.

Serving as Nominating Committee Chairman, Schoonover was part of the first board meeting on June 23, 1988, when the facility transitioned to and established the name, Elkins Regional Convalescent Center.

In 2011, the organization created the d/b/a of Elkins Rehabilitation & Care Center, the name by which it is known today. “We’re very sad to see Gary retire,” ERCC Administrator Tara Shaver noted. “He has been a very active member of the ERCC Board of Directors for many years and has helped shape our facility into a premier employer in the community and a complete compassionate caring destination for residents and their families.”

Schoonover played an integral role in many key decisions that helped the facility grow and expand over the past 30 years. One pivotal period included the transition from a building in downtown Elkins in 1994 to a new state-of-the-art facility located at 1175 Beverly Pike, its present location.

In 2014, Schoonover played a significant part in the $3.5 million expansion project undertaken by the facility. Schoonover served as chairman of the board for 14 years from 2000 to 2014. He was also the board treasurer from 1988 until 2000.

In 2014, the facility dedicated its one-thousand square foot newly constructed picnic pavilion in his honor, naming it the “Gary A. Schoonover Pavilion” for staff, residents, and their families.

“Gary has been an extremely valuable member of the ERCC family for many years,” Shaver said. “His advice and counsel have guided ERCC over the years and has positioned ERCC for future growth and opportunities. He will always be a cherished member of our ERCC family.”

Schoonover’s tenure on the Board of Directors officially ended in December. A ceremony was held in April to commemorate his dedicated and distinguished service to the organization. He received a plaque in honor of his 30 years as well as a gold watch. As part of the ceremony, the board of directors awarded Schoonover Director Emeritus status.

Following his retirement, Schoonover will continue to serve ERCC and the board of directors in an advisory role.