TVHS students create a business

Submitted photo. Tygarts Valley High School personal finance students gather by the kayak to be donated to the silent auction fundraiser.

MILL CREEK — Tygarts Valley High School personal finance students finished up the year by creating a business, Bulldog Bakery.

They reviewed nine different steps in creating the plan which covered establishing a mission statement, setting goals and objectives (short/long), defining their unique selling point (USP), researching the market and clientele, determining the demand of their product as well as potential competition, establishing marketing goals, defining their marketing strategy and seeing their product through to the sale and wrapping up by reviewing revenue/expense and profit/loss.

The students created their own marketing slogan to place on flyers and promote their line of cupcakes. The juniors and seniors pre-sold the cupcakes so that they could determine the quantity of ingredients and manpower necessary to fulfill the orders. They prepared a work schedule so that the freshly made cupcakes, that were made entirely from scratch, could be mixed, baked, iced, packaged and delivered, all within the same school day.

Once the project was complete the students determined that they wanted to use the revenue earned to purchase a kayak to donate to the silent auction benefit for Alex Pritt that was hosted on May 11 at Elkins High School.

“Not only were the students successful in learning the variables of creating a business plan but they were able to work together and produce a product that provided value to their target market. The students throughout this semester have proven to be leaders within our community and have engaged in various projects that will provide lessons regardless of their pursuit of a job within the immediate work-force or whether they choose to continue their education in college or trade school. These young adults are our future and they have proven that they are dedicated, focused and kindhearted. I am proud of what they have accomplished.” Rebecca Weese, personal finance teacher at TVMHS, said.