Milkweed Planting

Volunteers work at habitat project

Submitted photos Milkweed planting volunteers. Standing from left are Ben Rhodes, Matt Morris, Laura Hill, Meredith Dreistadt, Ben Martin, Ben Duval-Irwin, Kristina Kuss, Sarah Heuer and Sarah Volkmannk; kneeling are Brandy Harvey, Casey Martel, Breezy Snyder, Mollie Knighton and Erin Crooks
Erin Crooks and Mollie Knighton plant milkweed.

ELKINS — Abby Devlin, an AmeriCorps volunteer with the Fish and Wildlife Field Office, organized a community milkweed planting June 29 at Glendale and Riverbend Parks in Elkins.

Milkweed is a host plant for monarch butterflies, and this specific plant is needed all along Monarch migration routes to ensure the species survival. These butterflies not only feed on milkweed, but also need these plants to lay eggs.

Devlin had the strong desire to make Elkins more monarch friendly, so in early spring she applied for a mini grant through Monarch Watch to help create or restore milkweed habitats. She was awarded the grant successfully and weeks later a delivery of 224 milkweed plants was delivered to the Fish and Wildlife Field Office.

The Glendale Park attendants were happy to have the milkweed planted along both sides of the river and on the far edges of some of the sports fields outside the mowing zones. We hope that all the milkweed survive, grow, flourish and eventually spread so that the city of Elkins can better support monarchs. This planting would not have been possible without one community member’s initiative and the working hands of several community volunteers.