AB alumnus gifts virtual cadaver table to students

Submitted photo Thanks to 1971 graduate Warren Jenkins, AB has recently been gifted the Anatomage Table - 7 Convertible, a virtual cadaver table for students to utilize in the classroom.

PHILIPPI — Students at Alderson Broaddus University are taking their eyes away from their textbooks and focusing on a new state-of-the-art way to learn.

Thanks to a generous donor, AB has recently been gifted the Anatomage Table – 7 Convertible, a virtual cadaver table for students to utilize in the classroom. AB is one of only a few higher education institutions in West Virginia with access to this type of advanced technology to improve many of the dimensions of their academic life.

The Anatomage Table – 7 was purchased and gifted to AB by class of 1971 graduate Warren Jenkins. “I have been very fortunate, and my good fortune is the result of the education I received at AB,” said Jenkins. “This gift is a way to honor my parents, my family and all those who have been so helpful to me.”

The Anatomage Table, produced as the world’s first virtual dissection table, is a digital cadaver table presenting three-dimensional, life-size images of real cadaver samples. Table – 7 introduces physiology elements to the Anatomage Table and gives students access to data from four different types of bodies. The table allows for the exploration and learning of human anatomy into a digital space.

Dr. Thomas Moore, dean of the College of Medical Science and director of the physician assistant studies program at Alderson Broaddus, said that students’ ability to study anatomical systems from a different perspective would be invaluable. “The Anatomage Table – 7 is collaborative learning at its finest, challenging the student to adapt, learn and grow while incorporating knowledge from across the anatomical science spectrum,” said Moore.

Table – 7 includes 25 courses ranging from neuroanatomy and kinesiology to emergency medicine and surgical nursing. Approximately 400 students from disciplines, including physician assistant studies, anatomy, nursing, biology and exercise science, will have the opportunity to benefit from the virtual dissection table.

Jenkins explained, “Instructors have pledged to incorporate the table into their lectures; it is a game-changer.” Table – 7 allows for the creation of instructional materials to be utilized as a resource for assignments, quizzes, tests and various other educational purposes. Jenkins is also hopeful that the table will allow AB students to travel to Anatomage competitions and help increase AB’s admission footprint.

With the continued support of alumni and friends, Alderson Broaddus remains on the cutting edge of higher education with investments in technology like the Anatomage Table – 7 to enhance the student experience.

To learn more about the health science and professional programs at AB, please visit www.ab.edu.


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