School speech, language and vision screenings planned

Speech, language, and vision screenings are administered each year to all students entering Randolph County Schools for the first time from other states or counties, to all students entering kindergarten who did not participate in the pre-enrollment screening process, and to all students failing screenings the previous year and placed on the retest list.

Parents of these children who do not wish them to be included in the screenings must contact, in writing, the principal of the school the child attends or the Special Education Department at the Randolph County Board of Education Office, 636-9150 ext. 133, within 10 days.

Parents or guardians of children who are found to have hearing or vision impairments or speech and language disabilities will be notified of the results of these tests and will be advised that further diagnosis and treatment of the impairments or disabilities by qualified professional personnel is recommended.

Randolph County Board of Education will provide such testing, upon request, to all children entering non-public schools within the county. Child find activities related to all exceptionalities are conducted on an ongoing basis through the School Based Assistance Team referral process, interagency and outside agency referral, and by parent referral. Please contact the Special Education Department for additional information.


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