Randolph County Property Transfers

The following property transfers were recorded in the Randolph County Clerk’s office:

Bryan G. Elbon and Debra L. Elbon to Hannah Brooke Williams, 0.24 acres, Valley Bend District, $108,000.

Gary R. Cooper and Joann Cooper to Bonnie Jean Edgar, property, Leadsville District, $95,000.

Bryan P. Jordan and Valerie J. Jordan to Gary L. Hart, 1.68 acres, Leadsville District, $185,000.

Frank Cuda and Mary Cuda to Jonathan Cuda and Rebecca Nelson Cuda, property, Beverly District, no monetary consideration.

Deborah Lewis, Diane Tichnor, Dennis Wegman, Janette Wise, and Jennifer Rowe to Desirae Nicole Kramer and Adam T. Kramer, 124 acres, Valley Bend District, $149,900.

Cynthia Dianne Lambert to Andrea D. Taylor, Mandy S. Warner, Michelle S. Warner, Matthew J. Warner and Bradley C. Warner, property, New Interest District, no monetary consideration.

Carl W. Nicholas III to Haley C. McGill and Delan T. McGill, 1.4 acres, Leadsville District, $220,000.

Gail Carr Griffith to Solomon Ray Channels and Tyler Channel, property, Beverly District, $8,000.

Larry D. Owens Sr. and Marilyn Owens to Larry Owens Sr., Maroilyn Owens and Larry Owens Jr, 1.00 acre, Beverly District, no monetary consideration.


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