Chamber to invest $35K into community

Hoy Ferguson, alongside his daughter, Madalynn, announces a monetary investment being made by the Elkins-Randolph County Chamber of Commerce Wednesday.

ELKINS — In an effort to create growth and improvement in the downtown Elkins community, the Elkins-Randolph County Chamber of Commerce is making a significant investment.

“The chamber has decided to give back to the Elkins community, so over the next three years, we will be giving $35,000 back into our community in one form or another,” ERCCC Vice President Hoy Ferguson announced Wednesday, during a gathering at the Delmonte Market.

This $35,000 investment will essentially be used to create growth and continue revitalization in the downtown community while also striving to bring additional activity to the area.

“What we will be looking at is how we can leverage that money to improve our business community here in Elkins,” Ferguson said.

ERCCC Executive Director Chelsey Jones said, “One thing that I would like to share is, in order to make a smart spend of that money, the chamber and, essentially, seven other organizations that are all working towards community reinvestment have come together to make sure that whatever investments that are made are leveraged properly and correctly.”

Further details were not provided Wednesday.


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